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It is recommended to apply the combined lighting to illumination of production part of the enterprise. It is necessary to provide system of emergency and evacuation lighting. It is, also, necessary to project and natural lighting.

From here it is visible that is planned to increase enterprise capacity with 150 to 1100 kg / change of sausages. Except modernization on the enterprise it is planned to attract additional labor.

It is necessary to achieve uniformity of load of working bodies, to raise a class of accuracy of processing and purity of a surface of the adjoining details, to counterbalance the rotating elements, to use anti-vibration designs and materials: rubber, felt, wood, fibrous plates and others.

The main reasons promoting emergence and development of the fires is the violation of the rules of application and operation of the equipment and devices with low fire-prevention protection, use in some cases of the materials which are not meeting the requirements of fire safety violation of labor and technological discipline, lack of effective remedies of fight against fire.

Before work it is necessary to check a sanitary condition of a kutter, lack of foreign subjects in a bowl, existence of necessary raw materials in a bowl (the bowl has to be filled no more than 3/5 actual volume.

Further in work the attention to environmental protection is paid. The complex of scientific and technical, organizational and public actions for protection of habitat have to ensure safety of the nature for the present and future generations.

High-quality performance of work requires sufficient lighting. Let's make calculation of natural lighting which is characterized by a high diffuzionnost (absent-mindedness) of light that is very favorable for visual working conditions. The purpose of calculation is determination of the necessary area of windows.

Defeat of people electric current is also possible. For an exception of possibility of defeat of people current, in case of isolation breakdown, it is necessary to ground and zanulit all equipment, and also installation of the protective disconnecting devices, such as ZOUP-2 is obligatory