Top 5 Time Travel Paradoxes And How To Avoid Them

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Cruise business can be a bright example of interconditionality of these two factors. Cruises are made by the seas and oceans, i.e. between the countries, being, in fact, the international trips. The geography of cruise rounds constantly extends (Alaska, Philippines, Malaysia, regions of the Pacific Ocean etc.).

Tourist services including within hotel service, are carried to welfare services. They are under construction on the principles of modern hospitality that raises their role in development of domestic tourism, and also sets certain tasks in system of training for tourist and hotel service.

To current trends of development of hotel economy also the aspiration belongs to ecologically safe production. Preservation of natural balance, use of environmentally friendly products and materials, the practician of technology of productions with the closed cycle when production wastes turn into useful products, are favorable to the enterprises of the hotel industry first of all it is wished by the consumer.

In the sphere of entrance and internal tourism hotel service includes the whole complex of services for tourists and is the key factor defining prospects of development of tourism in Kazakhstan, competitive tourist business in world system.

Many problems already are in a permission stage, but it is necessary to solve even more. Today it is necessary to state: in Kazakhstan still there is no complete system of tourism with all necessary attributes – advertizing, trade services, transport, placement, food, security with communication, etc.

Hotel business has centuries-old history. A lot of things changed since the first hotels, but they made the powerful contribution to development of all subsequent hotels. The history of hotel economy is anyway naturally reflected in its modern situation in the world.

The gain of tourists and other visitors to the republic always influences activity of hotels. It should be noted that now the strong contender of the hotel enterprises is the sector of the house farms leasing (including the visitor on office and business trips) the furnished apartments and cottages.

The hotel industry as a type of economic activity includes rendering of services and the organization of short-term accommodation in hotels, motels, campings and in other means of placement for remuneration.

One more feature of hotel economy in the modern world is monopolization of this sector which appears in the form of hotel chains or the associated members, existence of a large number of independent hotels.