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The conflicts concerning requirements can be subdivided into two types: first, the conflict because of the real or seeming limitation of resources; secondly, because of a ratio of short-term and long-term requirements. It is undoubted that development of the near-earth space is among the most essential long-term requirements of all mankind

This factor - along with militarization of economy - became the main reason of falling of production efficiency and entry into a phase of an economic crisis. Communications between the producer and the consumer were broken off in the distributive mechanism.

This approach was the basis for social statistics. As a matter of fact it proceeded from leveling treatment of requirements. It did not consider real mechanisms of distribution and consumption as the making components of the general economic process.

The offered scheme does not settle itself all possible options of classification of the conflict. It did not include the characteristic of the subject of action or a conflicting party. Using the circuitry offered

The general between requirements and interests consists that in both cases we deal with the aspirations of people which are directly influencing their social and economic behavior. However if requirements focus behavior of people on possession of those benefits which are vital or stimulate vitally significant ways of activity of the person, interests are those incentives of action which result from the mutual relation of people to each other. The direct subject of social interest is not the benefit as that, and those positions of the individual or a social group which provide possibility of receiving this benefit. And as these positions are unequal so far as interests are in a sense more conflictogenic, than requirements. Both in the daily speech, and in the theoretical analysis interests connect to a social status which fixes for a certain time about a vokupnost of the opportunities given to a character by society much more often. Social status outlines borders available and possible for

The theoretical model of satisfaction of requirements of the population and real process were in flagrant contradiction with each other. According to theoretical model in economy the principle had to work