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And third parcel: a formulation of strategy and strategy — consecutive and independent. Therefore, ways of realization of strategy only after adoption of strategic decisions.

Aggression of competitive capacity, on the contrary, has to be increased to level 3-For example, it can mean that the market culture which only reacted earlier to changes, has to become the aggressive, having a presentiment need of buyers and directed on creative creation of ways of their satisfaction.

Further, certain people and groups will resist changes in proportion to degree of discomfort, the reorganization which is carried out now. That is, resisting changes, people usually their consequences from the point of view of a short-term, and only some reflect on their long-term influence.

The enterprise behavior did not disappear, but its form and value seriously changed. At the beginning of the century many leading companies organized departments of researches and development and brought creation of new technologies to the international level. As a result there were new goods and processes capable to satisfy the growing needs of buyers and to expand the market horizons.

Summing up the result, it is possible to tell that as shows experiment, considerable changes of strategic orientation of a, as if they were not carried out — formally or — inevitably face resistance in the organization.