Opinion Writing For A Spiritual Seeker

My step by obert skye

In the course of design the situation characterizing set of circumstances and operating conditions of society in general (all-social), local situation (relating to the region, the settlement, groups and a life (personal) situation can act as unit of the analysis. At all levels of the analysis the carrier of problems is the person: in one case — as the personality living in a certain society as the subject of concrete culture, in other — as the representative of this or that social or social and demographic group, in the third — as the carrier of the social and personal problems caused by quite concrete vital circumstances and conditions.

Therefore, sociocultural and personal problems — it is the characteristic of a welfare situation from two points of view — from the designer and from that social group to which the project will be addressed.

first, they are considered as objectively fixed trouble facts in the sociocultural environment, spheres of activity and a way of life (losses of valuable and standard, subject character, different obstacles complicating process of cultural development of the personality, social group or society in general);

Thus, the tendency to degradation of spiritual life and the cultural environment observed today in society is not counterbalanced by the positive processes and efforts directed on optimization of welfare life, improvement of living conditions and quality of human activity

Each sphere includes problems, characteristic for sociocultural habitat, spheres of activity and a way of life. And, if in the analysis of a way of life the concept "culture" characterizes a personal level of development, at designation of spheres of a sociocultural perspective (and the corresponding areas of design activity) this concept designates all levels, aspects and sides of this phenomenon: subject, procedural, valuable and orientation, institutional

After determination of relevance and cause and effect dependence one or several problems which decision admits prime and possible within the offered project (taking into account financial, personnel, material and others a resource get out.

The formulations of problems offered below and justification of plans of their design decisions can be considered as those primary "bricks" of which there will be a problem and target block of the developed projects. The author of the program needs to identify those problems which defined relevance of his project, i.e. to provide proofs of their importance, having illustrated them with the concrete data characterizing a situation; accurately to define the carrier of problems (social category or group of the population); to prove possibilities of their decision taking into account the available resources.