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Lawful behavior of collective. Lawful, including socially active behavior of collective not less variously, than citizen's acts. However classification of its types is other, functional distribution of activity of collective on external and internal, on professional and public, on activity of collective as whole and on behavior of his heads, officials and workers is its cornerstone.

Act - the main element of human relationship in which various qualities of the personality, both good, and bad, the relation to reality problems, to surrounding people are shown. Any act involves inevitable results: changes in the relations of people, in their consciousness, it also attracts consequences and for the character. The act is always connected with a certain responsibility of the person for the actions.

Sign the objective party of offense it is possible to call act. It is as if a kernel of all set of signs of the objective party which unites all other signs in one system: both place of its commission, both time, and way.

Habitual behavior. The person, as we know, chooses the most expedient and almost justified option of behavior, he acts selectively. Using a method of "tests and mistakes", quickly gets used to repeat those actions which the result arranging it follows, and it is not inclined to actions which do not conduct to the consequences satisfying it. The habit results from repeated repetition of the actions made in already habitual, known situation. In these conditions only in the beginning the person considers the acts, and further he acts owing to the formed habit to behave so, but not differently.

Joint decisions. It expresses will of all collective directly, for example, the solution of general meeting, or the decision of board of collective farm mediated, for example. Making legally significant actions, the collective shows the will which is not the simple sum individual. The task of the board making decisions consists, in expressing this will in the most adequate way.

The conformist behavior makes only the lowest step of the general, behavior, peculiar for all, conformal. It is based on timeserving, in the absence of own critical positions, a ratio of acts of people with actions of other persons. The concept of conformism is applicable only to a certain way of a resolution of conflict between the individual and group — to submission of the individual to group standards and requirements.

From the point of view of behavior of the person there is a process which is developed both in space and in time and includes not only the external acts changing environment, but also preceding them the mental phenomena and processes. Thus, reveals not only dynamics, but also genesis of behavior.