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We come to a conclusion that the set of the innovations appearing during prosperity is just that factor which breaks balance and so changes conditions of industrial life that after that inevitably there comes the period of reorganization of the prices, costs and production.

The boom is the phenomenon caused by the movements of businessmen, directing to new opportunities. The boom can amplify is exaggerated by optimistic expectations. The essence of boom can be reduced to introduction in a production system an innovation.

Similar approach to treatment of a problem of recurrence fades into the background today, he admits initially as proceeds from the analysis only of the sphere of the address. Now recurrence is considered in connection with production and the address. In the center of the analysis dynamics of industrial production, GNP, per capita income is taken out. Thus dynamics of the prices, percent, a turn is treated only as an of all-economic changes.

Refer distribution of, labor and financial resources of the country which to be organized to factors of distribution so that more to promote economic growth (to production gain, an of its quality and improvement of productions.